Green leaf floating above hand
Mom, dad, and child in the middle of moving into a new home
A variety of colorful fruit in reusable bag
Multitasking woman suffering from ex-pat burnout
A woman sitting near a window and thinking about how to make a home abroad feel like home.
Several different dictionaries for overcoming language barriers
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A woman counting money
Feeling settled
Ten Ways to Beat Holiday Blues Away from Home
Building a social life as a new arrival
moving back to Seoul
mother and son in Crete, Greece
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Moving Day
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Home is where the heart is
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Oh, the headache!
Foreign concept to a foreign girl
Getting Ready For the New School Year
Global world
Learning how to communicate
Relocation separation
multicultural family
Tackling cultural differences when raising teenage kids
summer camp
Navigating the US Paperwork Loop
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Volunteering in US schools
School life
Holiday traditions of the Globiana staff
Happy New Year
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Making Friends as an Expat
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Expat Partners: Meet Your New City Through the Local Language
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