Expatriate Workforce Support

Serve the Duty of Care requirements by adequately preparing your cross-border assignees and supporting them through the challenges of living in foreign cultures.

Intercultural and Team Integration Solutions

From classroom trainings to blended and tech-enabled solutions – we offer a full portfolio of services to fit your business needs and talent development strategies.

Digital and Self-Serve Resources

Expand your company learning environment and global mobility portals with our unique eLearning courses and extensive instructional video library.

Why Globiana

“With Globiana we get peace of mind knowing we have effectively addressed many risks for our cross-border assignees.”

—Chief Talent Officer  Fortune 500 Company

Our blended solutions and flexible approach allow your business objectives to be met in any market, for any size program and in a tight cost control environment.

  • Cost-effective

    Our flexible solutions scale with your organization and are within reach for any level employee. Clear metrics are always there to measure the effectiveness of the program.

  • Modern

    We are creative and  innovative  in delivering the solutions that meet the expectations of the modern workforce.

  • Global

    Tell us the next destination for your employees and we will be ready to deliver. No matter where they are around the globe, we will be your partner in supporting them.

  • Flexible

    From one expat employee to a company-wide initiative, we can offer a solution tailored to your budget, timeline and unique business needs.

  • High quality

    Over 98% of trainings participants say they would recommend our services to their peers.

  • Easy to deploy

    We deliver through your relocation vendor, as part of your Employee Benefits or integrate with your own portal. No new software. No extra management.




Countries where we deliver services


International trainers and consultants

Globiana Cloud Platform

Intercultural and social adaptation support delivered at the enterprise scale.
We are there for your employees before, during and after the move abroad.


Assignees are guided through the challenges of settling in a new culture and the new work environment.


Our eLearning courses provide training on the critical aspects of communications in the new culture.


The unique library of instructional videos and country-specific articles is available to provide more detailed look into cultural differences.


Newcomer Guides provide orientation to the new location.

How we support your people management objectives

  • We help you become the Employer-of-Choice with a superior learning and relocation benefits package
  • Our tech-enabled solution reduces the costs of expatriate training
  • We free up your Human Resources for other business initiatives
  • We help you grow the critical team skills of your global employees
  • We help you minimize failed international assignments and mitigate business risks in foreign lands
  • We help you provide a consistent and positive employee experience for any relocation worldwide

Constant commitment to innovation

With our  growing library of 500+ videos, premium learning management system and tools delivering a personalized  user experience, our solutions are developed and built for the workforce of today.

What our clients say about us

Partnership with Globiana is an important part of our efforts to support our globally mobile talent. We see it as an essential tool enabling their success abroad both on personal and professional levels.

Chief Talent Officer, Acxiom

By linking intercultural face-to-face training and online coaching, our employees are very well prepared for their international deployment and receive professional support in the initial phase of their posting. The crossculture academy also provides them with a flexible platform, which provides them with intercultural tips, and they can access them at any time.

Eva MartinezLapp Group

“The culture clips helped me a lot during my preparations for a business trip to the USA … when I thought I knew the USA well.”

Andrea SpäthSenior Personnel Development & Training, Schuler

“We were very pleased with the performance. Working with the expert at crossculture academy was the right investment: the mix of online platform and consulting resulted in a specifically tailored package. ”

Dr. Kai-Markus MüllerChief Executive Officer, The Neuromarketing Labs

“The expat care really helped us during our first time in Shanghai. Above all, the coaching modules have simply served all family members in difficult personal situations and motivated us to better manage everyday life in China. It is not always easy to get around in such a different culture every day. ”

Marc and Regina Neussexpats in Shanghai

Real results by real people, empowered by technology

The seamless convergence of people and technology is at the core of our vision behind the next generation of intercultural services for global assignees and international teams.

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