In real time and on-demand. From the desk or on the go. During the move and long after the boxes are unpacked. We stay until the foreign feels familiar.

Human-centered support

Subscription to our human-centered intercultural support platform helps relocated employees communicate, learn, make daily business decisions and take care of their families during some of the most stressful times of their lives.

Settle in with confidence

The pressures of navigating an unfamiliar work and living environment can result in significant adjustment difficulties for the employee and their family. Not settling well can impact work performance and office dynamics.

We put intercultural training and coaching within reach for any employee worldwide.

Intercultural transition support

Designed from the ground up by a team of expat coaches and intercultural transition experts, our comprehensive cloud platform allows organizations to offer critical learning and coaching benefits to their mobile workforce at the enterprise scale.

Tech-enabled intercultural training

We provide users with easy-to-navigate, curated eLearning environment with self-paced courses on target cultures. Creative use of multimedia is combined with our unique resource library and real time support of intercultural transition experts.

Expatriate coaching

Coaching modules and learning tracks address the highest risk relocation-related needs, with special focus on social adaptation, family transition and accompanying partner career support.

24/7 online support for employee and family

The online Coaching Hub offers a wide selection of workshops, webinars and group discussions designed with the specific needs of the assignees or the accompanying partners in mind. More help is always available through our Coach Hotline.