The benefits

In times of multinational corporations, internationally scaled production and supply chains, as well as company divisions operating across borders and virtual teams, intercultural knowhow has become a key skill for successful communication and collaboration.

Our approach

We are highly focused on the issues and country priorities of our customers. We thoroughly examine our clients’ international needs and networks, and develop an individual program based on their specific requirements. Further adjustments are made by our country experts based on the participants’ needs, even during the training. We also focus on real-life application of the learning to increase knowledge retention and develop long lasting global cultural competency.

What we offer

Globiana has proven expertise in a wide range of intercultural classroom trainings worldwide. Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Single and group trainings
  • Multilingual trainings
  • Workshops
  • Cross-cultural Coaching
  • Presentations
  • Mediations
  • Executive briefings

Preparation training for international assignees

Optimal preparation for the target country

Assistance in the overall expat lifecycle

Targeted selection of highly qualified trainers and country experts

Time, place, and mode-of-delivery flexibility

Data & Facts

  • Highly-qualified country experts

  • Educated trainers only

  • Trainings for every desired culture

  • Trainings in any desired language

  • Trainings in any desired location

  • First-rate services

  • Long-term customer loyalty due to high satisfaction

  • Open, friendly, easy-to-work-with team

What our trainees say

Feedback from our trainees has been overwhelmingly positive. Over 90% of participants would recommend our training to others. We conducted over 300 seminars this year alone totaling close to 400 days of face-to-face training.

The Trainer Navigator

A tangible return on your training investment is our number one priority. It all starts with selecting the right expert. Our selection is guided by our proprietary quality management tool, The Trainer Navigator.

It quantifies and evaluates the qualification features of our trainers and country experts, such as previous coaching experience, methodology and didactics, sources of knowledge as well as international and professional experiences. The entered data is gathered via a multistage score system and results in a Navigator-Index (NVI). The result is a perfect match for your intercultural training needs!