Five wonderful, interesting, funny and very difficult to feed people live my house. One eats only beige food, two love anything spicy, another thinks pizza is an actual food group and (thankfully) there is a normal, healthy eater who believes we’re all insane.

But one thing we do have in common is an unconditional, slightly obsessive, love of peanut butter. So when it was our youngest son’s turn to choose a country for our “dinner around the world” game, and he said “Let’s have African Food!”, I was completely at a loss. Oh, how was I going to please them all?

Then I remembered…years ago when our lives were kid and chicken-nugget free, my husband and I used to frequent a little café that served an incredible African Peanut Stew.  I searched my memory and my pantry for all the ingredients I thought might be in that incredible dish and made it my own…with peanut butter. Guess what? Everybody, even pizza kid and beige food guy, had seconds. Take what you love, add in your memories and make it all your own! Enjoy!

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