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Family Health Care and Employers – Expat View

Globiana Founder and CEO Elena Mosko sits down with Kelley Filice Jensen of Filice Insurance to understand how employers can help employees relocating to the United States master the complicated system of health care and health insurance that can be so different from their home country. Kelley and Elena share more than just professional collaboration. […]

Things I’ve Learned Since Moving to the Bay Area

I arrived at SFO at the end of July 2014 on a direct flight from my hometown, Calgary, Canada. I was excited, mostly because I felt like I was going on a hot summer vacation. After a few months, excitement turned to insecurity, confusion, irritation and sadness. Now, almost 12 months later I’m feeling at […]

Global Dexterity – Easier Said Than Done

Picture the following: Greg O’Leary, a 32-year-old mid-level manager, is in Shanghai for the first time to negotiate a critical deal with a distributor. To prepare himself for the trip, Greg has learned some key cultural differences between China and the U.S. — about how important deference and humility are in Chinese culture, and how […]

5 Tips on Alleviating the Expat Tax Stress

Ah, that wonderful time of the year is upon us—tax season! While you might be dreading the process of filing your US tax return, we are here to give you some tips to make it a bit less ‘taxing’! Here’s a look at the top 5 things you need to know before you file your […]

When the Clock Strikes Twelve…

There is nothing like a fresh start… The sense of renewal we get from turning a page on the calendar and entering a new year is recognized in every culture. Whether it is a family tradition, our sense of humor or an old superstition that makes us do unusual things on New Years Eve, the […]

Are you Trailing or Living Your Life?

“It is all in the eyes of the beholder”- No phrase describes the differences in the trailing spouse experiences better. Is following your husband’s career around the globe a perfect recipe for the spot in the “graveyard of ambition” or is it the unique opportunity to live your life to the fullest, discovering your many […]

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The Choice of Being Positive

Have you ever noticed how contageous the negativity can be? Particularly when you feel lonely and any kind of a conversation is better than none? Before long we find ourselves pulled into emotions of the negative neighbor or a person next to us in the supermarket, trying on their situations and judgements, venturing deeper into […]

Are you a “Third Culture Parent”?

What’s in a name? Lots, actually! For one, identifying with the group calling themselves “Third Culture Parents” can help you with finding sometimes crucial information and support and to address the particular challenges, linked to raising kids in foreign cultures. Here are 10 signs shared by third culture parents. 1. We’re struck by culture shock […]

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Why you should never celebrate “St. Patty’s day”

I will never forget running into a very strange procession on the streets of Manhattan, shortly after my arrival into the US.  Hundreds of men were passing by, all in unusual green clothing, all with the expression of extreme importance on their faces, carrying banners and shiny omulets.  Fortunately, my companions were local and quickly […]

Does Your English Grammar Give You Headaches?

If English is your second language (it is to most of our team), how secure do you feel about your English grammar? Chances are, your English as second language education (highly educated interpreters and translators excluded) was a lot more focused on every day language, leaving the formalities for later.  A lot of times my […]


Present Perfect That Made My Present Perfect

It’s amazing how many times in the recent years my memory turned to a teacher that had been gone for decades. Her name was Eugene. She was the most respected and feared English language teacher in all of the school. I was “lucky” enough to be assigned to her class at the formative age of […]