When the Clock Strikes Twelve…

There is nothing like a fresh start… The sense of renewal we get from turning a page on the calendar and entering a new year is recognized in every culture. Whether it is a family tradition, our sense of humor or an old superstition that makes us do unusual things on New Years Eve, the hope is the same around the globe: the New Year will make our wishes come true and bring us luck. That one night of the year we will eat strange meals, decorate our tables with mystical creatures, kiss strangers, tell fortunes, make impossible resolutions, throw dishes, light up the fireworks and stay up all night dancing. So, no matter where life finds you on this New Years Eve, rejoice in where the journey has taken you, take a long look at the people around you and dare to wish big while the clock is striking twelve. After all, as an old Russian saying goes: “The way you greet the New Year is the way you spend it”. Make it count! Cheers!

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