When is it not all about the kids? The smallest change in routine or surroundings can send a child into a tailspin, let alone a complete move to a new country. Living Abroad explores some of the details we need to keep in mind when shifting our children in a new and confusing place.

Everyone would agree that finding the right school is one of the most important pieces of a family relocation. But what about other aspects of your child’s life abroad? How can you make the most of life in a foreign country, with experiences that are not necessarily taught in school?

A new language

One of the first things to consider, before you move, is what language is spoken in your host country. Even if your native tongue is widely spoken, learning some of the local language will make your child’s experience infinitely richer. Imagine the satisfaction of being able to understand what is spoken and written around you, as opposed to relying on others to speak your language. Most home country libraries and bookstores offer many language books, videos, and  CDs. Websites and online programs are other options. Instruction is available for all age levels. Early exposure will heighten your child’s experience and ease assimilation.

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Image by Pixabay.

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