Multinational companies are fast realizing that they need to provide more comprehensive support for expat spouses. When trailing partners don’t get the help they need to transition successfully, international assignments run the risk of being cut short or failing. This has significant costs for the organization: wasted global mobility investment and difficulty attracting and retaining the best global talent. This well-researched BBC article by Ian Driscoll talks about the move-related issues that expat spouses face, the global mobility solutions  commonly used today, and where there are still significant unmet needs.  Globiana’s services are carefully crafted to address exactly these gaps by innovating the when, where, what, and how of effective expat spouse support delivery.

Before Jody Holland arrived in Shanghai in 2011, she and her family attended a two-day cultural immersion course in the UK, arranged and paid for by her husband’s company.

“We were taught business etiquette, how business operates, the importance of titles to people, the meaning of guanxi (the social connections and relationships that underpin much Chinese business activity), and other things we wouldn’t have been able to find out ourselves,”…

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