Regardless of your educational goal — be it to update your current skills, explore a new career or culture, or just gain a better understanding of the world around you — online learning is a tool worth exploring. Online learning is a broad term that covers a range of approaches, from simply accessing topic material on the Web to joining virtual classrooms that provide a collaborative and interactive learning process. What makes online learning so attractive is the fact that it is on-demand and on your own terms. You can sit in your living room in San Francisco and learn from an expert in New York. You can keep your job while furthering your knowledge in your field.

There are any number of online learning tools available today, each with its own approach and objective. Some are free, others charge a fee, some are interactive and others can help you earn a degree or a certificate.  Some of the more popular online learning companies are:

  • Coursera: works with top universities to offer some of their classes as massive online open courses (MOOCs).These courses are free.
  • edX: founded by Harvard University and MIT to offer courses in an open-source online learning platform, so any institution can host courses. The courses are free though there may be a fee to obtain certificates of achievement.
  • Lynda: offering thousands of self-paced personal and professional skill development courses, for a monthly subscription.
  • The Shaw Academy: live online education, for a fee.

As you have probably realized, Globiana is actually an online learning company in its own right! Our interactive webinars and learning modules cover topics ranging from cultural adaptation to career guidance, and our curated digital learning platform, supported by certified coaches, teaches global success skills to both employees and their families. In fact, did you know that we are the first in the global mobility industry to offer ongoing online guidance for global families, so that you can access the support you need from your home country, even before you move, and any time you need it, even months later?

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