Ketaki Malhotra

Coaching Services

Ketaki is an awarded Executive Coach and Facilitator with over 29 years of work experience. She leverages her experience as both an HR and Organization Development practitioner, as well as a consultant and advisor, to help clients design targeted leadership development interventions, such as executive and leadership coaching, group coaching, and group facilitation.

With deep expertise in Talent Management, she has been instrumental in building up client organizations’ competencies and has also partnered to create organizations capable of delivering on the company’s goals.

Ketaki’s coaching style is based on an inside-out approach. She believes that all personal growth is led by changes in inner structures, behaviors, and habits and that any change requires exploring “below the waterline” of the psychological iceberg.

Defining coaching as “raising awareness for conscious choice”, she partners with senior leaders to generate self-awareness, identify the root of their development needs, and tap into their inner potential to help boost personal capability and capacity.

Ketaki’s coaching skills have been built through her own experience of undergoing deep transformation at a personal level. This serves as her strength while creating a non-judgmental and trusting space for her coachees. Her coaching values include authenticity, total presence, outcome orientation, client focus, and curiosity. While leaders seek her to be coached on professional goals, all of her coachees have seen significant shifts in the non-professional aspect of their lives as well.

Ketaki has coached on topics such as transitioning into higher levels, on-boarding of new executives, managing culture change, strengthening leadership capabilities, personal growth, deepening cross-cultural relationships, getting future-ready, building cohesive teams, managing multiple stakeholders, managing anxiety, executive presence, among others.

She has worked with clients from diverse industries, including financial services, technology, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, insurance, consumer goods, and telecommunications. These clients have spanned many geographies, such as India, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Europe, Latin America, Sri Lanka, and more.

Ketaki is a governing body member and ex-board member with the ICF – Delhi NCR chapter. She is also on the panel of leading international executive coaching companies.

In addition to coaching, with deep expertise in talent management, she has facilitated multiple leadership workshops to support clients in delivering on the company’s goals.

She was also a part of a first-of-its-kind initiative, an all-women delegation to Sri Lanka: “SAARC Women’s Initiative for Peace and Prosperity”.