We humanize Global Mobility.

We focus on the trailing spouse.

Globiana increases the success rate of Corporate Relocations by focusing on the trailing spouse.



  • 97% of relocation failures are due to the inability of the spouse to adapt.

  • 40% of the employees return home before the completion of their assignment.

  • The consequences are harsh:  a wasted financial investment and an inconvenience for the business itself.

Globiana Concierge

Real-time cultural and social adaptation support platform for spouses of relocated corporate employees.


Services included with subscription:

  • Ask Globiana
    • Wherever you go on the site our, Ask Globiana! button is easily within your reach.
    • It instantly connects you with your Personal Adviser, who will help you find the information you need to navigate your new environment.
    • This is our answer to your wish for daily, easy-to-reach and friendly support while you are settling into your new life.
    • Our advisers have experienced the international relocation themselves and know what you are going through.
    • We will help you with finding answers already on the site and will work with you on the rest—we are not satisfied until you are!
    • When in doubt, just look for Ask Globiana! You don’t need to go it alone!
    Cross-Cultural training

    • Understanding the culture around you is a crucial first step to establishing your self-identity in a new location.
    • We give you opportunities to receive information on local culture through a variety of sources—just pick the ones you want!
    • Our unique Ask Lisa column gives you weekly tips on do’s and don’ts of local life.
    • Our Cross-Cultural expert is standing by with detailed and friendly answers about daily life in the US and American ways.
    • Monthly Cross-Cultural training webinars educate you on the subjects that matter to you the most.
    • After attending the webinar you can join the friendly group discussion on the daily issues surrounding the subject.
    • Missed a webinar you wanted to attend? No problem! We provide you with a recording, so you can keep up.

    • We focus on what you need to function well on a daily basis, to feel At Home, Away from Home.
    • Our coaches have decades of foreign living experience.
    • After a 30-minute introductory Skype call with a coach, you will have access to coaching modules that include practical content plus questions and exercises. Some of the many modules we offer:
      • “Culture Shock and You”
      • “Learn To Say Goodbye – and Teach Your Children To Say Goodbye”
      • ” How To Maintain a Stable Self-Identity”
      • “How To Stay Connected With Your Partner”
      • “How to Create New Friendships”
    • You are in control: access the modules when YOU need it, move at the speed that works for YOU.
    • When you are ready, just click the “submit” button and coaches get back to you online within 24 hours. Guaranteed. That’s what we mean by daily support.
    • Open line weekly calls give you an opportunity to chat with the coaches and any other global citizens that attend the call. This is a great way for you to connect with others in the same situation and be supported and encouraged!


    • Globiana offers you translation services, up-to 60 minutes per month, through a global community of human translators.
    • We have thousands of translators and interpreters all around the world ready to help you break through language barriers.
    • For situations where you need to communicate on the phone or face-to-face, our interpreters are just a phone call away.
    • School meeting? Doctor visit? Realtor interview? Use it how you need it and when you need it!  Our interpreters can be accessed by telephone, mobile app, Skype or through browser connections.
    • We currently offer the following languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese.

    • Newly arrived spouses have a wide spectrum of questions – some of you know what job you want to pursue, others would like to find a career that excites them.
    • Many women use a new start as the opportunity to reinvent themselves—take our quiz to see where to start!
    • As a part of your subscription we offer It’s My Turn Career and Personal Development Support through group classes.
    • Services are delivered to your home as webinars or Skype calls.
    • Choose the program that’s right for you:
      • From Suitcase to Briefcase – When you have a clear career goal.
      • What Color is my Career? – Find a career you love and become successful.
      • Here Now, Now What? - Discover purpose and meaning in a new life.
    • Register for a course of your choice! Now It’s Your Turn!

    • We provide you with access to up-to-date helpful resources and valuable tools on every page of Concierge.
    • My Resources tool is your own version of a Newcomers Guide with over 50 pages of information on life in the USA.
    • My Concierge Home page gives you updates on international news, news back home and publications on different aspects of living abroad.
    • On Local Guidesfind our recommendations on many ways to stay active in your area. Family activities? Art? Sports? Volunteer opportunities? What would you like to do today?
    • Our Helpful Tools section contains links to help you with Metric conversions, clothing sizes, kitchen measurements and many other little daily challenges associated with changing countries.

    Your Personal Dashboard

    • Your personal dashboard with tools and information selected just for you, always at your fingertips
    • Easy access to all services from one convenient web page
    • We customize it for you based on your location and interests
    • Appointments, webinars and event reminders
    • Private forums with other Concierge members, search of classifieds, and posts from other relocated spouses
    • Feeds to stay in touch with the news back home
    • Need help finding additional information? Your Ask Globiana! adviser is always just a click away!
    Group chats

    • Draw on the experience of other relocated spouses and make new connections in a secure and friendly setting.
    • Our private online Forums and Group discussions give you a chance to find valuable local information and helpful culture tips.
    • We help you connect with other Concierge subscribers in your area, based on your interests, heritage or location.
    • Come join the conversation!

    • Starting your life in a new place is not an easy task. We give you opportunities to relax, learn and make new connections in friendly, safe and familiar environments.
    • As a Globiana Concierge subscriber you receive invitations to attend semi-annual exclusive events and retreats featuring guest speakers and lifestyle experts.
    • Are you a yoga enthusiast? A cooking guru? A healthy-life-style seeker? Watch for Special Events in the Announcements section of Concierge for the opportunity to sign up.
    socials Our Members only monthly socials give you an opportunity to meet other Globiana Concierge members in your local area. Just check the Announcements for the next one!

Cross Cultural Training




Why use Globiana Concierge?

  • Addressing the needs of the trailing spouse increases the success rate of Corporate Relocations.
  • We understand our subscribers’ needs because we have been there before.
  • Ask us anything, anytime and Globiana Adviser will be there with helpful answers about daily life in the USA.
  • Your personal dashboard with easy to navigate tools and services is at your fingertips any time you need.
  • You have an ongoing support of translators, helpful professional coaches and cross-cultural experts.
  • Explore your new home with friends from all over the world you meet through Globiana Concierge.
  • You have the support you need to start your life in the new place successfully.
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