Vicki Klemeyer

Public Relations

Sunny days in California and the variety of the four seasons in Central Europe is just the right combination when it comes to Vicki`s most preferred weather scenario: born in Berkeley to a German mother and an US-American father. Vicki enjoys living with her husband and their three girls in Stuttgart, Germany as well as visiting her family in the Bay area. After studying journalism at the University of Oregon and graduating with a Masters degree in Rhetoric, Linguistics and American Literature from the University of Tübingen Vicki went on to get a certified education as a PR-consultant at Plenum Stoll & Fischbach, one of Germany`s most prestigious PR agencies. Working as a PR manager in the marketing departments of a broadcasting company and a clothing manufacturer convinced her once more of the fact that communication is the key to practically every sphere of life. Her experience as a manager of the human resources development at a large foundation not only adds to her professional background but led her to become a certified systemic business coach, an accredited coach of the e-stimate personal analysis tool and a strong believer in the value of interpersonal relationships.