Matthieu Bron

Coaching Services

Matthieu is both a teacher and a master coach trained by one of Scandinavia’s best schools in personal leadership and development (Mindjuice Aps). He is PCC certified (Professional Certified Coach) by the International Coach Federation (ICF – USA).

Matthieu has a professional background as an entrepreneur, including 18 years of international experience in audiovisual communication for the development sector (e.g. United Nations, European Commission, and international NGOs). He has lived and worked in different places: France (his home country), Mozambique, and Denmark since 2011. Each living experience has been an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn a new language. Matthieu has degrees in Cinematographic Production (France), Sociology and Organizational Psychology (South Africa), and Coaching Credentials (Denmark, USA). He is fluent in the following languages: English, French (mother tongue), Danish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Matthieu’s commitment as your coach: “With an open mind, I will support you in being authentic with both yourself and others in order to achieve what you want. I will also challenge you — always with empathy — to get deeper insights. I am committed to supporting you to be creative and shape meaningful results in your life.”