Johannes Klemeyer

CEO, EMEA Operations & Co-founder

Born in Göttingen/Germany Johannes Klemeyer, President of Globiana, started his career in journalism where he gathered personal intercultural experience by reporting from Moscow/Russia for some of Germany`s leading newspapers before going on to travel and write for an award-winning travel desk at a weekly journal. Knowing what it takes to come up with a good story that an editor will pick up on he then switched sides to work as a consultant for PR strategy, holding the position of CEO in a company in the advertising industry and successfully launching an online-startup.

In 2011 Johannes decided to combine his comprehensive experience in marketing/communications and consulting with his passion for foreign cultures and entrepreneurship by co-founding and running crossculture academy, Germany´s first online platform that combines worldwide intercultural face-to-face trainings, self-paced learning and 24/7-online support. Johannes holds a Master in Eastern Slavic Languages and American literature from the University of Tübingen and has been a member of the board of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research SIETAR Germany.