Globiana Training & Coaching Platform

Our cloud platform gives the relocating families and individuals three critical support benefits

  • Culture

    it educates them about the new location and trains them in preparation for the new cultural environment

  • Work & Life

    it coaches them through specific personal and professional life scenarios affecting their professional growth, well-being and productivity after the move

  • Spouse Career

    it provides targeted education and support for the accompanying partner looking to re-establish their professional life in the new country

Designed from the ground up by a team of expat coaches and intercultural transition experts, Globiana’s comprehensive cloud platform allows organizations to offer critical training and coaching benefits to their mobile workforce at the enterprise scale.

We help deliver a truly effective, individualized learning environment that adapts to the user needs and stays with them through the critical post-relocation cultural and professional adaptation stages.


To be able to offer flexibility of learning styles and freedom from time and location constraints, organizations need flexible training opportunities that meet high standards and provide efficient solutions to develop employee skills. Our e-learning courses meet exactly these requirements! Our web-based trainings were developed with the expertise of our country experts. They enable companies to support internationally working employees with further training that easily integrates into their daily work routine, with very little expenses and organizational efforts.

Courses are modular and consist of various components, such as texts, videos, interactive elements and tests, which can be completed sequentially or individually. This allows the participants to learn flexibly and depending on their knowledge and requirements, and to find a suitable solution for any issue.

The courses can easily be integrated into your existing training philosophy.


Unfortunately, not all changes that occur during international activities can be anticipated. However, such difficulties can gradually and effectively be reduced by assisted coaching.

The expat coaching modules are a content-rich tool giving the dispatched employees and their families  the opportunity to be mentored during their stay abroad and get in touch with their coach online if desired.

The coachees learn how to deal with changing circumstances and how to use  their own potential to navigate the new cultural and social environment.  It reduces their personal stress, helps them gain scope for  their own actions, and become more efficient.

Online courses

The country-specific e-learning courses convey the most important aspects of successfully establishing contacts and cooperating with business partners and colleagues from various cultures in a few easy chapters:

  • Initial business contact
  • Communication and impact
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Negotiations, decisions and contracts
  • Coordination and cooperation
  • Business meals and after work

Every course chapter finishes with an interactive quiz where the participant can check their newly gained skills and get feedback on their answers.

Coaching modules

Our e-learning environment extends beyond the traditional intercultural transition subjects into very specific relocation-related support needs of employees and accompanying families.

Our coaching tracks walk them through the practical aspects of preparing for the move, help them understand the symptoms and reasons behind culture shock and empower them with great techniques for establishing connections in a new professional environment, among many other subjects. A special area is dedicated to the needs of the accompanying spouses and partners, working with them on social reintegration, transitioning their careers into the new country, all the way to strategic steps in their job search.

Coaching tracks content has been developed by our team of expat coaches and is closely integrated with our coach calls and webinars.

24/7 coach support

Even with the right training in place it is not possible to predict the many scenarios an assignee will experience in their professional and personal life in a new location. Our team of coaches is available to walk them through individual circumstances and develop an actionable plan to make the assignment a success. We offer a wide variety of coach calls on very targeted post-relocation subjects. If the question requires individual approach or some additional information would be helpful, our coach hotline is open 24/7.

Topic-specific videos

Our video portal features over 500 titles of excellent video episodes and is constantly growing to accommodate our clients’ expanding international market needs. In just a few minutes we walk the user through many different business and personal life scenarios, allowing them to continue learning in a very flexible visual format, at their desk or on the go.

Country-specific articles

Our library of country and culture specific articles covers the many aspects and scenarios of living and working in a new culture. The expert opinions come not only from every corner of the globe, but also from very different industry perspectives.

Global team of coaches & trainers

Our services are delivered by one of the highest-rated bodies of intercultural trainers and expat coaches, spanning 140 countries and many continents. Through continuous interaction with international assignees, accompanying partners and worldwide expat community, they utilize the tools and techniques driven by the changing expectations of modern global citizens.

And of course there is more to explore:

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e-stimate Personality Profile

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