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A joyful holiday season? Yes, please!

“No Christmas tree at psychologist Anderson’s house this year” was the headline for a news broadcast I caught earlier this week. The report was on holiday stress, and how harmful it can be to our mental and physical wellbeing. As you can glean from the headline a psychologist was being interviewed, and this year in […]

Career planning for the accompanying partner

Giving up a job and putting a career on hold is a big deal under any circumstance. Doing it to follow your significant other and become ‘an accompanying partner on expat assignment’ is a huge decision. Not only are you giving up your livelihood and sense of independence, you also enter the unknown in terms […]

Resisting the stress of the holiday season

A few weeks ago at my local Safeway store, as I made my way to the checkout line, I walked by shelves full of discounted Halloween goods sitting next to Thanksgiving offerings and a few steps further down, all the Christmas merchandize you could ever want. It was a little disorienting to see this mix […]

Staying in touch after a move

With two kids off at college in opposite parts of the world and a third child still at home, long-distance communication has become an apropos issue in our family. It’s interesting to see how the kids are staying in touch with each other and how it differs from how I communicate with them. They are […]

Relocating with children

Kids are funny – they hate change and yet they are generally much more flexible and adaptable than adults when it really comes down to it! As a parent planning a move, one of the biggest worries is making sure your children are ok. Am I forever screwing them up by taking them out of […]

The Trailing Spouse

The term ‘trailing spouse’ is often used to describe the accompanying partner in a relocation-for-work situation. I must admit, I have always found this phrase a little problematic. It’s as if the trailing spouse is an afterthought, someone who just happened to tag along. The term doesn’t give justice to the process that goes into […]