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The Three C’s of Modern Leadership — Curiosity, Courage, and Collaboration

Leadership is much-discussed in the world of business — how to recruit, train, and retain talent are perennial topics on the agenda, and most often, good leadership is defined by traits such as great communication skills, the ability to delegate, empowerment, and integrity. And while these are undoubtedly important attributes in order to lead successfully, […]

Sustainability Across the World

There are few things as important as the issues of climate change and sustainability right now. In a way, these topics have become a unifier for people across the globe. Not because everyone feels the same about them but because they are discussed everywhere, and if nothing else, there is a collective awareness surrounding them.  […]

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Life Abroad

Moving abroad with your family can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You gain a valuable experience of embracing another culture, upgrading your career, finding new friends, and giving your children the chance to become citizens of the world. While the positives are many, a change of this proportion can also be a real challenge for the […]

The Importance of Training Global Teams in Intercultural Awareness as Cross-Border Work Becomes Increasingly Common

The topic of intercultural awareness and competence in the work world has never been more crucial. In a time when remote work has become commonplace, and where multicultural teams are increasingly prevalent, building awareness and knowledge across cultures have become a must. As many companies with a global footprint know, one of the big challenges […]

How to Lead an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle as an Expat

Relocating abroad isn’t an easy decision to make — in addition to leaving your loved ones and adapting to a new life, your identity might go through some turbulence, as well. In short, making the change from the familiar to something unknown can be stressful and disorienting, especially in the beginning. For many, living green […]