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How To Recognize and Avoid Expat Burnout

The majority of expats will feel stressed and frustrated at some point during an assignment abroad. Some may even feel like moving to the new location was a mistake — often these feelings are temporary, but they can also be a sign of expat burnout. The following tips on how to recognize and avoid expat […]

How Cultural Norms and Differing Legal Frameworks Have Impacted Global Corporate Pandemic Response

For many companies, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t only impacted how and where work is being done, it has also put into focus what a company can demand of its employees and what its rights and responsibilities are when it comes to safeguarding employees.  The legal questions during the coronavirus pandemic (and beyond) are many, and […]

What’s In an Identity — A Lot It Turns Out…

What is in an identity, and how does what we tell ourselves about how we fit in play into how we approach life? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as in these pandemic times I keep reading and hearing about people who have had to reevaluate and reinvent themselves to make life under […]

Resolve and Gratitude

2021. It’s here. I’ll admit, I’ve been keenly awaiting the day when I can say it’s the new year. And I know I’m not alone — as far as I can tell, the whole planet was ready to say goodbye to 2020 and enter into something new, something tied to hope. The past ten months […]

How to Make a Home Abroad Feel Like Home

Moving abroad comes with many challenges, and ups and downs. One of the biggest causes of homesickness is a feeling of unfamiliarity. When you find yourself in dramatically changed surroundings, it’s easy to feel lonely and out of place. Typically, this is when you’ll crave your everyday items, people, and places that you know so […]

Change Is Hard, and This Holiday Season We’re All Facing It — Globiana’s Staff on What They Are Doing to Make the Best of It

Having to improvise during the holidays is nothing new to the expat population. Most know what it’s like to have to hunt for favorite foods and come up with creative substitutes if need be. They are used to having to modify holiday traditions or create new ones altogether to fit their circumstances and surroundings. And […]

Pandemic Confusion or Culture Clash?

Moving between different parts of the world is pretty tricky right now — travel restrictions have made it impossible for most people, and for those of us who can travel internationally (because of dual passports in my case), nothing is quite the way it used to be. And I’m not just talking about the general […]

Guide to Overcoming Language Barriers

Whether you are moving or traveling abroad, overcoming language barriers can make your life much easier. As someone who had to overcome this frustrating barrier not once, but twice, I can tell you that it’s doable. As someone who doesn’t have any talent for learning languages, I can also tell you that it takes time. […]