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Guide to Overcoming Language Barriers

Whether you are moving or traveling abroad, overcoming language barriers can make your life much easier. As someone who had to overcome this frustrating barrier not once, but twice, I can tell you that it’s doable. As someone who doesn’t have any talent for learning languages, I can also tell you that it takes time. […]

The Future of Globalization

When asked what will happen to globalization in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, there are two things that most global experts seem to agree on — globalization is here to stay and, it will look different going forward. These sentiments stem from an outlook that goes beyond current dismal travel data, and economic downturns, […]

Resilience at Work

In normal times, we think of resilience as a personal challenge — when one faces a crisis, such as job loss or illness. These events are hard and can bring out a new resilient self once the person has navigated them. I recently discussed with a coaching client how their past resilience experiences have made […]

Taking the Last Plane Out — Moving During a Pandemic

The Turndal/Somp family — Annika Turndal, Carl Henrik Somp, and their three children — had been working on their move from Sweden to the US for several years. Carl Henrik’s company was growing, and he was being sent over to assist with the expansion to the US. Securing the right visas had been a long […]

Common Financial Mistakes when Relocating Overseas

Relocating overseas is easily one of the biggest transitions in life. There are too many variables, too many things to consider, and too many traps to avoid if you want your transition to be a smooth one. Being ill-prepared financially can complicate your life in more ways than you can think of. On the other […]

Financial Planning for Expat Life

When it comes to preparing financially for expat life I hardly did a thing — no comparative living expense exercise, no travel budget. I gave no consideration to cost of healthcare or daycare or rent or buying a TV, never mind a car. There was no thought to taxes or saving money. I did the […]

Resilience — The Key to Success

There is a lot of talk about resilience these days — on a personal, professional, and societal level. Resilience is what will allow us to get through, and succeed, in these times of high uncertainty. But what is resilience, and how do we become resilient? In the corporate world, how do resilience and effective leadership […]