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Taking the Last Plane Out — Moving During a Pandemic

The Turndal/Somp family — Annika Turndal, Carl Henrik Somp, and their three children — had been working on their move from Sweden to the US for several years. Carl Henrik’s company was growing, and he was being sent over to assist with the expansion to the US. Securing the right visas had been a long […]

Common Financial Mistakes when Relocating Overseas

Relocating overseas is easily one of the biggest transitions in life. There are too many variables, too many things to consider, and too many traps to avoid if you want your transition to be a smooth one. Being ill-prepared financially can complicate your life in more ways than you can think of. On the other […]

Financial Planning for Expat Life

When it comes to preparing financially for expat life I hardly did a thing — no comparative living expense exercise, no travel budget. I gave no consideration to cost of healthcare or daycare or rent or buying a TV, never mind a car. There was no thought to taxes or saving money. I did the […]

Resilience — The Key to Success

There is a lot of talk about resilience these days — on a personal, professional, and societal level. Resilience is what will allow us to get through, and succeed, in these times of high uncertainty. But what is resilience, and how do we become resilient? In the corporate world, how do resilience and effective leadership […]

Expat Life — Interview with France Grenot

This interview, from Fluency Corp, is part of a series of interviews in which Fluency Corp reaches out to clients, friends or even family, who have relocated to another country for a job, in order to ask about why they moved, how they moved and how they made a new home for themselves in their […]

The Power of Networking

I belong to a professional group that meets once a month for networking and socializing in conjunction with a presentation of some kind. We typically get together at the offices of our presenter and there is always a full house and there are always new faces in attendance. The evening starts with mingling and light […]