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Predicting the Future — Can it Be Done?

As most businesses know, staying competitive often means “seeing into the future” — as in trying to figure out what the next trends, needs, and musts will be. As in thinking about new innovations, making groundbreaking discoveries, and laying alternative paths. But what are the forces that shape innovation and can we really predict the […]

Sort and Set Course   

January may have a reputation as a long and dreary month (at least where I come from), but it has its redeeming qualities as well. In particular, what I like about the early goings of the year is the sense of a fresh start. I try to use it as a time to take a […]

Supporting Global Talent, What the Data Says

International assignments can be an integral part of business development. However, they also tend to have a high level of complexity attached to them — from finding the right person, with all that that entails regarding relevant competency and the ability for cultural adaptation, to the person getting settled and becoming a productive member of […]

Safety for the International Assignee

Moving abroad for work typically comes with a bit of a learning curve — there is a new language to learn, a different culture to understand and an array of practical matters to figure out. From a safety standpoint, having a deeper knowledge and understanding of the country in which you are working is particularly […]

Understanding the Future of Intercultural Support

Johannes Klemeyer has always had a passion for foreign cultures, and he’s always wanted to be an entrepreneur. When he got the opportunity to combine the two, he didn’t hesitate to take it. Together with Steffen Henkel, he co-founded crossculture academy (Germany’s first online worldwide intercultural support site) which later merged with Globiana. Johannes has […]

Finding a Community  — While on the Road

I recently went on a cross-country road trip with my oldest daughter. I was helping her move from Florida back to the West coast. Like many, I’ve been dreaming of taking this kind of trip, but have never been able to figure out the timing or decide on the route (it’s a big country). This […]