Elena Mosko

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Globiana, Elena Mosko was born in Moscow, Russia, and came to the USA in 1990 to join a graduate business program at Babson University. Having experienced international relocation as a very young person, she never forgot the challenges of adjustment to an unfamiliar culture and the importance of the empathic support she received from locals and the other expats. Receiving the advice and the critical information for those early steps on the American soil, made it possible for Elena to succeed in her new home country. For over 20 years she continued her involvement in the Silicon Valley international community by developing support and guidance programs for newcomers to the US. More recently as a consultant to Fortune 500 clients, she also ran projects building and managing a variety of professional and educational online communities. In 2012, her vision of a high-touch cloud-based training solution supporting the mobile workforce produced Globiana. Elena holds an international MBA from Santa Clara University. Outside of running Globiana she is acting as a chief life officer of her husband and three sons. She can also be found tending to her flock of urban chickens, pruning the backyard vineyard, or oil painting.