Sonja Hofmann

Project Management

Born to a British mother and a German father Sonja grew up in an intercultural and a bilingual setting. Her career in the hotel business took her to Spain and allowed her to gain insight into the Spanish speaking world. Having broadened her horizons in terms of communication, languages and cultures she went back to Germany to study International Business and Intercultural Studies (BA) at Heilbronn University including a term abroad in the Netherlands. Always on the lookout for new challenges she carried on studying Media Management (MA) at Stuttgart Media University in Germany. Equipped with her diverse background it was during this time that Sonja joined crossculture academy. Right from the start she was taken by the idea of applying e-learning as a means of enhancing the company’s range of services. To really delve into the topic she wrote her thesis about “E-learning as an in-company method of further training to provide intercultural competence”. In so doing she has had determining influence on the progress of the company’s intercultural e-learning courses which finally allowed her to take charge of this division within the company. Being a former figure skater Sonja benefits from discipline, accuracy and stamina which is reflected in her work style.